About this download :

Cube World is a new PC game creted by an indie developer named Wollay as a hobby project. Cube World Preview is for those of you who don't have a chance to buy the game which was recently released. It allows you to view screenshots of Cube World and to have a preview of the game before you buy it.

Cube World features:
1) A main feature of Cube World is the random world generation.
2) Adventure skilles, climbing, swimming, diving, hang gliding, and sailing.
3) Multiple classes with specializations, warriors, rangers, mages, and rogues.
4) Infinite progression, you character's progression is endless, there are no level caps.
5) 8 Races to choose from, Elves, Humans, Orcs, Undead, Lizardmen, Frogmen, and Goblins.
6) Pets, tame a variety of pets with meelee, ranged, and tanking characteristics.
7) Monsters, huge bosses, item crafting, cooking, and more.
Cube World Preview:
Cube World Preview Client:
1- Press download above.
2- Run the setup.exe file to play Cube World Preview.
3- Follow on screen instructions.
4- Enjoy!

Hint: Getting the first two levels is hard.
Kill blue and yellow mobs and stay away from red and orange mobs. Once you get to level 2, it should be slightly easier, and then it gets really easy to start grinding and soloing dungeons.